JnU teacher allegedly attacked for speaking in favour of cluster admission tests

A teacher of Jagannath University was allegedly assaulted physically at an academic council meeting for speaking in favour of cluster admission tests.

It has been alleged that this incident took place in the 65th meeting of the council on Thursday. The victim, Abdul Quader, is chairman of the Geography and Environmental Science Department. Several members of the university council said he was attacked by some teachers for speaking in favour of cluster admission tests. He was slapped and punched at the time.

Teacher Abdul Quader complained, "The committee which has been formed for the university's independent admission test, is not formed in line with the rules. When I expressed my opinion on this matter, the general secretary of the teachers' association asked why I did not discuss the matter in the meeting of the academic committee of the department.

When I tried to explain, some teachers came and immediately physically attacked me. As I was mentally disturbed in this incident, I could not identify anyone immediately. I will decide on taking action after seeing the CCTV footage of the incident.”

Abdul Quader also said, "The reason of our decision to withdraw from the cluster admission method should be in the resolution of the meeting. Because, in the 51st academy meeting of the university, we decided that we will stay in the cluster method. Now UGC is taking initiative to conduct examination by integrating all universities. Why should we stay out of it? People have the rights to know. I was attacked when we were discussing this matter.”

A member of the academic council, wishing to remain unnamed, said that while the general secretary of the teachers' association was talking about the cluster system, the chairman of the geography department stopped him and tried to speak.

Everyone asked him to wait for the general secretary to finish first. But he wanted to talk. Later he got excited. The chairman of the philosophy department joined by some other teachers later tried to stop him.

Chairman of Philosophy Department Hafizul Islam said, professor Abdul Quader and others felt sorry about the incident.

Professor Lutfar Rahman, the general secretary of the teachers' association, could not be reached when tried several times.

In this regard, University vice-chancellor Imdadul Haque told the media, “Everyone has the right to express their opinion. What happened is totally unwarranted and such behaviour from teachers is uncalled for. I was not prepared for this.”