The ruling party men occupied the Mukul Fouz field at kitchen market area in Mirpur-6 brandishing sticks, chasing the BNP men away -- a place where the rally of latter one was supposed to be held, protesting the price hike of fuel by record margin and the murder of party man in Narayanganj.              

The leaders and activists of AL gathered around the meeting place carrying sticks since afternoon. At a stage around 3:00pm, the members from both parties engaged in chasing and counter-chasing that lasted about half an hour.

Later, the AL men occupied the place with a procession.  

Dhaka north city BNP member secretary Aminul Haque told Prothom Alo that they took permission from the police to hold a rally at Mukul Fouz field at kitchen market area in Mirpur-6. But the ruling party men carried out a sudden attack.   

"BNP men tried to resist the attack at the beginning. But the police fired tear gas shells at us in the name of controlling the situation," he added.  

No casualties were reported immediately in the incident. Police and AL leaders were unavailable to comment over the issue. 

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