They demanded justice for Fardin murder on Tuesday afternoon from a human chain formed at BUET central Shaheed Minar where Fardin’s father, Kazi Nur Uddin, took part.

Fardin, a third year student of the Civil Engineering department of BUET, went missing on 4 November and his body was recovered on 7 November. The following day, the physician who conducted the autopsy of Fardin's body said there were countless scars on his head and chest.   

They said, "Although 29 days have elapsed since Fardin’s body was recovered, we still don’t know why our friend was killed. We, the BUET students, are disappointed to observe the procrastination of the investigation. We are confused to see the contradictory information of investigating bodies: DB and RAB."  

The BUET students said they will stay beside the family of Fardin until justice in the case has been ensured.   

At the human chain, Kazi Nur Uddin said, "The killers have not been identified yet in one month which is unfortunate. I am also disappointed as the investigating agencies didn’t make any progress. I hope the investigators will bring the killers to book soon after tracing them. I am seeking the interference of the prime minister to ensure justice quickly."

Criticising the BUET administration, Fardin’s father further said although the students have formed the human chain, the administration doesn’t feel the necessity of showing sympathy.        

Following the human chain, the BUET students marched the campus with a procession demanding the justice for the murder.