Earlier on 6 February, LGRD minister Tajul Islam said the construction of any infrastructure in the capital would require the approval of RAJUK as well as the city corporation.

He said further that the city corporations would also need to regularly monitor the approved establishment.

Speaking at the press conference, REHAB president Alamgir Shamsul Alamin said, “The issue of getting approval from the city corporation is a matter of great concern for real estate businesses and those who are planning to construct private buildings. If this decision is implemented, it will be irrational.”

As a reason for this, he said, if two administrations are given the responsibility of one task, the suffering of the people will increase. It would only create a new space for procrastinating the approval of the files.

“Already the people have to endure harassments at the RAJUK for getting the approval of design of the buildings. Therefore, the new decision will increase the suffering, embarrassment, procrastination and cost of work. For this any one of these organisations should be in charge,” the REHAB president added.

He further said the new rules would create a deep crisis for the real estate industry where the prime minister is working to create a business-friendly environment. Such a decision of dual approval is not business friendly.

Alamgir Shamsul Alamin added, “People in the city are already detested with the city corporations. The complications regarding the birth certificates and problems like mosquitoes and dengue prevail all throughout the year. The city corporation does not have the required manpower and structure for this work. If they are given the responsibility related to building constructions now, a new dimension of harassment will be created.”

He also expressed his concern with the city corporations being in charge of monitoring the approved establishments.

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