Students are having spare time on the premises of Teacher-Student Centre (TSC) of Dhaka UniversityFile photo

Raidul Khan Kaushik, a third-year student of Dhaka University, has been taken into police custody on charges of molesting a girl at the university’s TSC area, reports news agency UNB.

Police, however, are yet to find his involvement in the incident.

Asked about the incident, officer-in-charge of Shahbagh police station told the news agency that Raidul was brought to custody under allegations.

“We primarily did not find his involvement in the incident,” he added.

A female student of Dhaka University (DU) filed a case against five to six unidentified students for molesting her in the Teacher-Student Center (TSC).

“A female student filed a complaint to the proctor office of the university and based on the complaint, the proctor office handed over a student named Raidul Khan Kaushik to the police station for interrogation,” said DU proctor AKM Golam Rabbani.

According to the complaint, the victim student was talking to a youth at the TSC at around 7:00pm on Monday. At that time five to six unidentified youths started talking to them and at one stage assaulted both of them.

Later, a case was filed against four-five unidentified people at Shahbagh Police Station.

Based on the complaint, after analysing the CCTV footage of TSC, the proctor’s office initially got the involvement of a second-year student of the university named Abdullah Al Maruf.

Later, when the authorities went to detain the student at Madhur canteen, Maruf led the proctor to another student, Raidul Khan Kaushik. After finding Kaushik, the proctor’s office handed him over to Shahbagh police station for preliminary interrogation.