Bangladesh Human Rights Commission secretary general detained for cheating: NHRC

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) reveals activities of various rights commissions including Bangladesh Human Rights Commission on Tuesday.Courtesy: NHRC

Police have arrested six people including Bangladesh Human Rights Commission secretary general Saiful Islam Dildar on charges of cheating in the name of state organisation National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

NHRC chairman Kamal Uddin Ahmed also revealed various cheatings of Saiful Islam Dildar at a press conference at the NHRC conference room on Tuesday.

He said, "An illegal organisation titled Bangladesh Human Rights Commission is cheating with the people and collecting money in the name of NHRC."

Kamal Uddin said people of non-government organisation Bangladesh Human Rights Commission have been confusing common people by adding the word 'commission' to their organisation and presenting as a state organisation of Bangladesh to home and abroad and government and non-government organisations.

Common people, government-non-government organisations and even media are being influenced by this so called illegal organisation, the NHRC chairman added.

It was revealed in the press conference that Saiful Islam Dildar and their accomplices tried to do human trafficking. They used names of NHRC president, secretary general or secretary and thus tainted the image of this state organisation.

A case was filed against them on charges of criminal offence and human trafficking under the Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking Act.

Later police conducted a raid at the office of so called Bangladesh Human Rights Commission at Malibagh and detained six people including Saiful Islam Dildar.