Sheikh Ishtiaque Ahmed takes position at an oil depot in Kalyanpur area, Dhaka, alleging fraudulence in selling octane to him
Prothom Alo

A youth has taken position at an oil depot in the capital city’s Kalyanpur area alleging fraudulence in selling octane to him.

Sheikh Ishtiaque Ahmed is an officer at a private bank.

Speaking to Prothom Alo, Sheikh Ishtiaque Ahmed said he is from Adabor, Shyamoli. “On my way to the BRTA office in Mirpur at around 10:00am, I bought octane of Tk 500 from Sohrab Service Station at no. 4 Dakshin Kalyanpur.”

Ishtiaque alleged though the metre is in front, the salesperson called him over to back side. He was given the fuel when his vision was obstructed by a tree. Later he realised the salesperson resorted to manipulation while selling the fuel to him. Ishtiaque claimed though he got a voucher of Tk 500, he did not get the specified amount of oil.

Sheikh Ishtiaque said as there was no fuel in the bike’s reserve tank, he requested the depot authorities to take the fuel out and measure again but they did not pay heed to him. Following this he took position at the oil depot from 11:00am with a placard written on it ‘I want specified amount of oil’.

The youth was there at the depot while filing of this report at 2:00pm.

Sohrab service station’s manager claimed they have been running the depot for the last three months. There are a few old employees. One of them could be involved with the incident.

Countering the claim, Sheikh Ishtiaque said when he took position at the depot, several staff tempted him of filling the external tank of the bike. “But I don’t want that.”

Sheikh Ishtiaque further said he was taking preparation to file a complaint at Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection.