The accused in the case are NBR Global Bank and Reliance Finance Limited's former MD and fugitive accused Prasanta Kumar Halder, Diya Shipping Ltd's former managing director Shiv Prasad Banerjee, director Papiya Banerjee, FAS Finance and Investment's chairman MA Hafiz, former chairman Md Siddiqur Rahman and vice chairman Md Jahangir Alam, director Arun Kumar Kundu, Anjan Kumar Roy, Md Mostain Billah, Ujjal Kumar Nandi and FAS Finance's former managing director and CEC Md Russel Shahriar.

PK Halder misused his authority and resorted to forgery to take a loan of Tk 440 million (Tk 44 crore) in the name of a fake company Diya Shipping Ltd from his own company FAS. This loan was approved at FAS Finance's 163rd board meeting.

After approval, the loan was released in the span of time from 29 December 2014 to 29 December 2015. Later he misappropriated this money and deposited in his own bank accounts and other companies and bank accounts in which he had vested interest and siphoned off the money. This was detected in Bangladesh Bank's BFIU investigations.

Acting secretary of ACC and director general Sayeed Mahbub Khan briefed the media in this regard on Thursday afternoon. He said that there was truth found behind the allegations of the accused abusing power and forging documents to misappropriate and launder Tk 440 million.

Today, Thursday, a case was fined in this regard under sections 409/420/468/471/109 and the Prevention of Corruption Act 5(2) and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act 4(2), (3).

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