Three killed in Noakhali during ‘shootout between robbers’: Police

Bangladesh Coast Guard members detain five people and recovered arms from their possession following the gunfightUNB

Police in Noakhali’s Hatia have reported the deaths of three men in what the force described as a “shootout between two gangs of robbers,” in Char Ghasia of Noakhali’s Hatia early Thursday, reports news agency UNB.

The deceased were identified as Shahraj, 35, Kabir, 40 and Nurunnabi, 45, Hatia police station office-in-charge Amir Hossain said.

Their bodies have been kept at Hatia’s Chairman Ghat police outpost and will be sent to Noakhali 250 Bed General Hospital for autopsies early Friday, he added.

Earlier, Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG) claimed to have detained five robbers with arms following the turf war.

The detainees are Md. Hinju, 37, of Noakhali’s Char Jabbar; Mohammad Harun, 37, of Lakshmipur’s Ramgati, Mohammad Liton, 35, from the district’s Char Gazi village, Mohammad Mosharof, 36, of Abdul Munshirhat Kalkini village and Azim Bepari, 27, of Char Abdullah village.

During its drive, Coast Guard seized three single-shot rifles, two rounds of bullets, six machetes, five spears and many iron rods from them.

According to locals, two robbers, who are also brothers, Khokon and Fakhrul were at loggerheads over establishing supremacy in Char Ghasia. Recently, Fakhrul took hold of the area after the law enforcers caught Khokon.

Coming out of jail on bail a few days ago, Khokon tried to regain his hold. So, the dispute between the two brothers resurfaced and led to Thursday’s gunfight.

Lieutenant Shafiul Kinjol, media officer of Bangladesh Coast Guard, Hatia, said: “Legal action will be taken against the detainees.”