Graft charges: Sylhet customs commissioner Enamul faces travel ban

Mohammed Enamul HaqueFile photo

Sylhet Customs, Excise and VAT commissioner Mohammad Enamul Haque has been banned from travelling abroad by a Dhaka Court Monday until further notice.

The court of Dhaka Sessions Judge Mohammad As-Shams Jaglul Hossain passed this order in view of the Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ACC) application.

Earlier, on 4 July, the investigating officer of the case, ACC deputy director Farzana Yasmin, appealed to seize his property for the sake of proper investigation.

In the appeal, the IO mentioned that a case was filed against the accused under Section 27(1) of the ACC Act, 2004 for acquiring illegal assets worth Tk 97.7 million through bribery and corruption.

A perusal of documents shows that the person concerned in the complaint, Mohammed Enamul Haque owns lands in the city’s Gulshan, Khilkhet, Badda and in Gazipur areas.

Also, the accused owns commercial space and multiple flats with car parking facilities in Badda, Kakrail, Gulshan and Mohammadpur areas of the capital.