He underwent a surgery on the same day. After the surgery a part of his skull bone was kept under the skin of his abdomen. It will be replaced again later.

When asked, chief of the neurosurgery department, Noman Khaled Chowdhury, told Prothom Alo, “Mahadi is slowly improving. We have kept him under observation. But since his brain is injured, it is not possible to say anything right now. But we are optimistic.”

Mahadi has been in the ICU since the surgery. He regained consciousness on Sunday. He has opened his eyes and is trying to talk as well. He had been given liquid food through a rice tube since Sunday.

Mahfuzul Quader, assistant professor of neurosurgery, visited him Monday morning. He advised the on-duty physicians to open the rice tube and give him solid foods.

Mahfuzul Quader said, “The patient is doing fine today. I advised to give him solid food. I did not see any weakness in any parts of his body. I hope he will recover.”

Regarding the skull bone, Mahfuzul Qader said, “According to common practice the skull bone should be replaced within three months. However, if everything goes accordingly and the brains recover rapidly, then the skull bone can be replaced within a month as well.”

In the meantime, a picture of Mahadi with bandages on his head went viral on social media. It was written on the bandages that “Do not put pressure, there is no bone underneath”.

There are two factions of Chhatra League. One of the factions supports former AJM Nasir Uddin and the other is followers of state minister for education Muhibul Hasan Chowdhury.

Earlier on Friday, a clash broke out between the two factions. Two were injured during the clash. Mahadi was attacked on Saturday morning due to this incident. Mahadi is known as a follower of Muhibul Hasan.

The medical college was declared closed indefinitely on Saturday after the incident. The students left the dormitories on Saturday. Police have arrested two students in connection with the incident.

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