DU suspends student for ‘harassing’ female private university student

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Dhaka University authorities have suspended a student, also an activist of Bangladesh Chhatra League, allegedly for harassing a female student on Tuesday in front of Raju sculptor memorial on the university campus, reports UNB.

The suspended student, Najmul Alam, a residential student of Masterda Surja Sen Hall and postgraduate student of Institute of Social Welfare and Research of Dhaka University. He is also an activist of Master Da Surja Sen hall Chhatra League.

"Najmul has been suspended for his misbehaviour with a student of a private university on the night of 1 November," said a DU press release.

He has been asked to respond within next seven days explaining why he should not be expelled from university.

The student allegedly slapped and harassed a female student of the BRAC University on the campus during the early hours on Tuesday.

However, denying the allegations, Najmul Alam claimed it was the girl who assaulted him. Najmul said the girl was filming floating people who were asleep on footpath.

He said that he stopped along with a friend as he was returning on a bike to the university dormitory when he saw the girl and her friends.

He said he asked why the girl and her friends were filming the floating people without their permission.

An altercation broke out, prompting the girl to slap Najmul, he said. Najmul also retaliated and slapped the girl back.

In a video posted online it was seen that the girl using abusive words and slapping the boy. According to an audio recorded by a witness some other details have come out.

"After my birthday celebration, I was standing in front of the sculpture with my friends and taking pictures. At that time two boys stopped their bike and started questioning us using bad words against me.  They teased me and slapped me when I protested," the girl was heard in the audio.

Najmul told the news agency that the girl also used abusive words when he questioned their presence on the campus during early hours on Tuesday.

He said they were filming the people who were asleep on the footpaths and attires of the floating people were not in order. 

"When I asked why the girl was taking pictures of the people without their consent, she said her father has the ability to buy the entire DU campus multiple times," he added.

"When I took my mobile phone to record her abusive words, she again insulted me,” he said.

"At one point she slapped me, and I slapped her in return,” he said.

The girl filed a complaint with the Proctor’s office on Tuesday.