"Our seniors called us at the guestroom around 10.00pm Sunday. But I didn’t notice that as I was preparing for an exam next day. As I couldn’t attend, our seniors sent two of my friends to take me to the guestroom," Shipon said.

"But they went back as I told them about my exam. After a bit, the seniors send some other students and that time I went to the guestroom with them. As soon as I reached the guestroom, Plabon slapped me and abused me for not attending guestrooms sessions and political programmes," he said.

"Another senior took away my mobile phone alleging that I didn’t receive his call. One of the seniors hit him with a cricket stump and scolded him.

Later, Shipon Mia lodged a complaint to the Salimullah Muslim hall administration seeking justice for the incident.

Meanwhile, despite trying to reach accused Plabon over the phone, the news could not contact him.

SM hall acting provost Mohammad Belal Hossain said, “We have received a complaint and called an emergency meeting tomorrow at 10.00am in this regard.”

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