The nuisance caused by teen gangs has increased in Dhaka again. Several members of the teen gangs have already committed crimes amid police vigilance.

This was revealed at a press conference of the Detective Branch (DB) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) at the DMP Media Centre in the capital on Monday. According to DB, some 15 to 20 killings take place in Dhaka every month.

Police arrested 14 people from Kadamtali and Mugda in connection to two killings carried out by the teen gangs recently. The persons arrested in connection with the killing in Mugda's Manda are teenagers. Two gangs clashed over not offering 'salam' (greetings), leaving a certain Hasan dead. A cases was filed against seven of the culprits. Six of them have been arrested. Another was also arrested as the person was found involved in the killing after scrutinising CCTV camera footage. Police have been hunting several others involved with the incident.

The identity of the detainees were disclosed since all of them are not adolescent.


Hasan, 17, was killed in Manda on Friday evening. The name of the teen gang involved in the incident is Bandage. Hasan, a printing factory worker in Mudga, was also the member of the teen gang. Conflict arose between the seniors and the juniors within the gang. Several local teenagers called Hasan from his home and took him to Letka Fakirer Goli in Manda around 6:30 pm on Friday. At one stage of a heated argument, they stabbed Hasan. He sustained severe injuries in his neck and abdomen.

Addressing the press conference, DB joint commissioner Md Mahbub Alam said activities of the teen gang have increased throughout the capital. Recently, they have been reportedly getting involved in various disputes though they were hardly seen during the peak of coronavirus. These teenagers are mainly from low-income families, he added.

When asked whether the police had information of whether ruling party persons were the patrons of the teenagers now in custody, Mahbub Alam said no one will be spared.

The names of the boys from the wealthier class have come to the fore following the murder of an English medium female student after rape in Kalabagan. Why were the police only holding juveniles from low-income families responsible? In reply to this question, DB joint commissioner said they were speaking on the basis of the criminal records.

Asked whether youth from low-income families are deprived of education or they aren't getting jobs, the DB said they are looking into these matters. DB's Wari division has arrested seven people in the Kadamtali murder.

Md Zakir Hossain, 52, was killed at the entrance of the lane Nabarun Goli of East Jurain College Road in Kadamtali on the night of 10 February. Seven suspects, Md Shukkur, Md Nurul Islam, Md Ratan alias Solaiman alias Rambo, Md Shafiqur Rahman alias Dipu, Fahim Hasan alias Laden, Md Tariqul Islam and Md Masood Parvez, were arrested in the killing of Kadamtali.


DB said a group of miscreants mercilessly stabbed Md Zakir Hossain in his chest and abdomen and slashed the tendons of his leg to kill him. They fled the scene after leaving Md Mujibar Rahman, who was also accompanying Zakir, severely injured. Later both were taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital where physicians declared Zakir Hossain dead. A case was filed with Kadamtali police station over the incident.

Citing the information divulged during preliminary interrogation, the DB joint commissioner said the detainees are members of an organised criminal gang. They attacked Zakir and Mujibar on the day of the incident over establishing control in the area. There are several cases against the detainees with Kadamtali police station, he added.

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