Violence against women on the rise: MSF Report

Some 397 incidents of violence against women and children occurred in the country in March, higher than such incidents recorded in the previous month, says a report of a rights group.

The incidents of violence against women and children were 365 across the country in February, said Manabadhikar Shonskritik Foundation (MSF) in its monthly Human Rights Monitoring report on Thursday.

According to media reports and data collected by MSF, the number of incidents of rape, killing and family violence has increased compared to previous month. This is very concerning, the MSF said in its report.

Among the incidents of violence against women and children, 69 incidents of rape, 23 gang rapes, three killed after rape and six physically challenged children and adolescent girls were raped, reports news agency UNB.

Among the 69 rape victims, 53 were children and adolescent, while out of 23 gang rape victims, seven were adolescent.

Besides, some 96 women, including 36 children and adolescent girls committed suicide, up by 29 incidents than February. Some 81 incidents of killing, including eight cases of mysterious deaths occurred in March. Among them 27 were children and adolescent girls.

According to media reports, the killings were due to revenge, family feuds, dowry and love affairs, said the MSF report.