The list for 2023 was published on 5 January this year. publishes a list of countries with military capacities every year, taking into consideration over 60 individual factors to determine a given nation’s PowerIndex score, with categories ranging from quantity of military units and financial standing to logistical capabilities and geography.

The country with least score remains ahead in the list.

According to the latest report, United States is at the top of the list with 0.0712 power index followed by Russia (0.0714), China (0.0722), India (0.1025), United Kingdom (0.1435), South Korea (0.1505), Pakistan (0.1694), Japan (0.1711), France (0.1848) and Italy (0.1973).

Among the neighbouring countries of Bangladesh, India is in the 4th place, Pakistan is in the 7th place, Myanmar 35th, Sri Lanka 71st, and Nepal in the 129th place.

Bhutan is in the last place (145th) with Power Index of 6.2017.

According to the latest information of Global Firepower, the number of active soldiers in the Bangladesh Army is around 175,000. The number of tanks is 281, the number of armored vehicles is 13,100, and self-propelled artillery 30, towed artillery 370 and the number of rocket artillery is 70.

On the other hand, the number of members of Bangladesh Navy is around 30,000. The Navy has seven frigates, six corvettes, two submarines, 30 patrolling ships and five mine warfare ships. The Bangladesh Navy, however, does not have any destroyer, aircraft carriers and helicopter carrying warships.

Global Fire Power also said the number of members of Bangladesh Air Force is around 21,100. The number of airplanes the force has is 204. Of them, 44 are war planes, 65 helicopters, 17 cargo planes, and 75 training jets. Alongside this, the BAF has two airplanes for special drives.

Ukraine, which is currently fighting against Russia, has been ranked 15th in the list.