Doraiswami to be replaced by Dalela as Indian high commissioner in Dhaka

Vikram Doraiswami & Sudhakar DalelaCollected

The Indian government has appointed Vikram Kumar Doraiswami as the country's ambassador to the United Kingdom. He is currently Indian high commissioner to Dhaka.

Doraiswami will be replaced by Sudhakar Dalela, deputy chief of the Indian mission to the United States, reports Hindustan Times.

Vikram Doraiswami has served as Indian ambassador to Uzbekistan and South Korea. In addition to serving in the USA, he also worked as prime minister’s personal secretary. Doraiswami, a 1992 batch officer in the Indian Foreign Service, is fluent in Chinese.

Indian high commissioner to the UK Gaitri Issar Kumar retired on 30 June this year. Doraiswami will replace her.

Dalela is a 1993 batch officer of Indian Foreign Service.

Dalela has served as the director of the prime minister’s office. He was instrumental in enhancing communication with neighbouring South Asian countries. When the Doklam crisis with China surfaced in 2017, Dalela was in charge of joint secretaries dealing with Bhutan and Nepal.

Known as a professional and hard-working diplomat, Doraiswami was the centre of the bilateral relation between Bangladesh and India. He played a vital role in strengthening Bangladesh’s diplomatic tie with India through mutual cooperation in the field of infrastructure and defence.

Doraiswami has been appointed as Indian high commissioner to the United Kingdom after months of intensive selection process by the Modi government. Now he will try to strengthen India’s diplomatic relation with the UK. However, he will have to deal with a number of bilateral issues, including the Kashmir and Sikh related issues.

Vikram Kumar Doraiswami was appointed as Indian high commissioner to Bangladesh in August in 2020. He replaced Riva Ganguly Das.