BCL clashes at CU: Three carrying knives identified

Chittagong University Chhatra League assistant secretary Rubel Miah alias Mahin Rubel, machete in hand

Upon getting admitted to Chittagong University, Sultan Mahbub joined the politics of the Chhatra League sub-group, Choose Friends with Care (CFC). This fourth year student of the public administration department even became the university’s Chhatra League deputy publicity secretary. During clashes between two factions of Chhatra League on Thursday, he rushed forward, running here and there with a machete in hand.

Two others involved in the clashes, wielding sharp weapons, have also been identified. They are fourth year student of the communications and journalism department Rubel Miah alias Mahin Rubel and third year student of the department of Islamic history and culture, Chhatra League activist Mohammad Safal. Both of them are involved in the Sixty-Nine sub-group politics. The identity of these three has been confirmed from video footage and talking to members of the proctorial body as well as leaders and activists of Chhatra League. All three were carrying machetes. At least 30 were seen carrying similar knives during the clashes.

Chhatra League assistant publicity secretary Sultan Mahbub alias Sagar, large knife in hand

Leaders and activists of CGC and Sixty-Nine locked in clashes on Thursday afternoon, over past conflict. Sultan Mahbub, who was wielding a large knife, stays in a room at Shah Amanat Hall. This hall is controlled by Chhatra League vice president Mirza Khabir Sadaf. Rubel Miah and Mohammad Safal stay at Shahjalal Hall. This hall is controlled by general secretary Iqbal Hossain.

Sultan Mahbub admitted to Prothom Alo that he had been wielding a large knife. He said that many had joined in the clashes with such machetes and cleavers. He was not the only one. Meanwhile, Mohammad Safal claimed that he hadn’t even been present at the incident and that the pictures and video clips were fake. Rubel Miah said he was in the fight, but hadn’t been carrying any knives.

General secretary Iqbal Hossain and vice president Mirza Khabir Sadaf, when asked, said that if there was proof that they were wielding weapons, action could be taken.

On 31 May and 1 June, Sixty-Nine and CFC embroiled in clashes over hanging out at a tea stall. A total of 16, from both sides, were injured in the skirmish. Three of those in the fight, carrying weapons, were identified. No action, however, has been taken so far.

University proctor Nurul Azim Sikder, speaking to Prothom Alo, said that an inquiry committee will be formed and the student involved will be identified.

Chhatra League activist Mohammad Safar, weapon in hand

Faced with criticism, the authorities carry out action at times, but that is more of an eyewash. For example, in October 2021, a total of 12 leaders and activists of Sixty-Nine and CFC were temporarily expelled from the university. Later the expulsion order was withdrawn on ‘humanitarian’ grounds.

Chattogram city Awami League vice president and 14 party convener Khurshed Alam said he had called central Chhatra League president Saddam Hossain over phone on Friday concerning Chittagong University Chhatra League. He said that it was high time that the reins were pulled on Chittagong University Chhatra League. A handful of student leaders were destroying the glorious history of Chhatra League.

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