Officer-in-charge of the Konabari highway police station, Mir Golam Faruk, said there were no traffic jams in the vicinity, but there was pressure of increasing vehicles. Many factories were due to close down in the afternoon and that is when the pressure on transport would multiply. But police have been deployed at various points along the highway.

Aminul Islam, a worker of the Tusuka Denim factory in Konabari, Gazipur, said, “I have taken leave and started off a day early to go home. I have been waiting from 6:00 in the morning but haven’t managed to get any transport. There are hundreds of passengers but not enough transport. I don’t know how I am going to go.”

Another factory worker Ashraful Islam said he was going to Rangpur but couldn’t avail any long distance bus. They were filled with passengers from Dhaka. He will travel by a cattle truck instead.

Gazipur superintendent of police SM Shafiullah inspected the Chandra intersection of Kaliakoir upazila on Sunday evening. He briefed the traffic police as well as the police of the police station there. He said they should all ensure that there is no traffic jam. The public transport must line up in an orderly manner for passengers to board. Gazipur Metropolitan Police, district police and the traffic department are on duty to ensure safety along the highways.

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