'I want to be a public health expert'

Conversation between Mahbuba Sultana, coordinator of Prothom Alo Trust, and Dilufa Tuz Zarin.

Dilufa Tuz Zarin—first ever woman graduate in her family—has cherished the dream to be a public health expert since her childhood. The Asian University for Women (AUW) and Prothom Alo Trust scholarship have facilitated her journey towards that goal.

Under the scholarship, ‘First Female in the Family’, Zarin graduated from the public health department of AUB in 2019. Then she joined the James P Grant School of Public Health of Brac University as research assistant.

Now, the indomitable girl is dreaming of pursuing a master’s degree in the same discipline abroad. She appeared on an online event of Prothom Alo Trust titled ‘Aditiya’ to narrate her story of success.

The programme—conducted by Mahbuba Sultana, coordinator of Prothom Alo Trust—ran simultaneously on Prothom Alo’s Facebook page and YouTube channel along with the Facebook page of Prothom Alo Trust on 24 May at 4:30pm.

She said “It was a long journey. I have been cherishing the dream of working in the public health sector since my childhood. That is why I enrolled at AUW in public health in 2015. After my graduation in 2019, I start working in the research sector. I have plans to go further in this field.”

Terming AUB as a unique institution, Zarin recounted that it was the turning point for her to have chance to study at AUB.

Dilufa Tuz Zarin

“There are students from around 16 countries in AUW. As a result, we experience cultural diversity here. Apart from this, all students of AUW have to be involved in part-time jobs, including as lab and teaching assistants, alongside studies. A sense of professionalism grows among the students.”

Talking about her dream, she said “Now I am working in urban health. I have plans to go abroad to pursue a master’s degree in public health and get a PhD degree too, if I get the opportunity is available. Hopefully, I can start the admission process in a foreign university by the end of this year.”

Speaking to another ‘Adamya Medhabi’ (indomitable talent), Zarin said, “Sometimes studies seem difficult because of the pressure of course work and the final paper. However, everything will be easier if we discuss things with our classmates. You should never lose heart. You all will have to overcome the barriers with courage.”

Thanking Prothom Alo Trust for inviting her to such a platform, the indomitable young woman also expressed her sincere gratitude to Prothom Alo Trust for sponsoring her studies.

Prothom Alo Trust has been awarding the 'First Female in the Family’ scholarship since 2012. With the help of Transcom Group, 42 students received the scholarship as of 2016.

In 2017, IDLC Finance Limited took over this scholarship and named it ‘Aditiya’. Since then a total of 78 students have received scholarship.

*The original report appeared in the online edition of Prothom Alo and has been rewritten in English by NH Sajjad