Momen also said such remarks are unacceptable especially when relations between Bangladesh and India are so deep. Such remarks create misunderstanding.

“There are many wise people in the world who do not see even after looking, and do not understand, even after knowing. But if he (Amit Shah) had said something like that, I would say his knowledge about Bangladesh is very limited. No one dies of hunger in our country now. There’s no 'monga' (seasonal poverty and hunger in northern districts of Bangladesh) either,” the foreign minister said in response to Amit Shah’s remarks.

Mentioning that Bangladesh is ahead of India in many social indices, Momen said whereas almost 90 per cent of the people in Bangladesh use fairly good latrines, over 50 per cent people in India do not have proper toilets.

He further said if they that is how they think, they need to expand their knowledge. There’s a shortage of jobs for educated people in Bangladesh, but no such scarcity for the less educated. Besides, over 100,000 people of India work in Bangladesh. We do not need to go to India, he added.