“Till date six people died during recent religious violence,” Momen said in a message shared with the media.

Among the deceased, he said, four are Muslims and they died in a clash with police when they tried to torch the houses of the Hindu community, and two Hindus died - one a normal death and another by drowning.

“None was raped and not a single temple was torched or destroyed. However, a couple of deities were vandalised,” he said.

In recent years, Momen said, there has been a proliferation of puja venues in every place, including individual houses, as the government pays money for every puja venue and there is a shortage of police personnel to monitor all of them on a 24/7 days a week.

To avoid such incidents of abuse, he said, the puja organisers should not leave their venues unattended.

The foreign minister also said a drug-addict reportedly left a copy of the Holy Quran near the foot of a deity when there was no worshipper or organiser at the puja venue, and another person took a photo of it and put it up on Facebook that sparked outrage, leading to vandalism and ransacking.