Finance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal presided over the virtual meeting while members of the committee attended it.

As per approval, Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC) will import 90,000 MT of urea fertiliser in four equal lots while the Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation will import the remaining 90,000 MT MOP and DAP fertiliser in two lots.

In one lot, the BCIC will import 30,000 MT of bulk granular urea fertiliser from Fertiglobe Distribution Limited, UAE at a cost of Tk 189.28 crore with per matric ton’s value at $594.67.

Some 60,000 MT of the same urea will be imported by the BCIC from SABIC Agri-nutrients Company of Saudi Arabia in two lots (each 30,000 MT) at the same rate and the total cost will be Tk over 3.87 billion.

The BCIC will also import 30,000 MT of phosphoric acid from Sun International of FZE, the UAE (local agent RK Enterprise, Dhaka) at a contract value of Tk over 2.15 billion.

The BADC, under the Agriculture Ministry, will import 50,000 MT of MOP fertiliser from Canada at a cost of Tk over 4.16 billion with per MT price at $821.

It will import 40,000 MT of DAP from Saudi Arabia at a cost of Tk over 3.08 billion with per MT price at $826.50.

The committee gave nod to a proposal of the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) to award a Tk over 1.02 billion civil work contract to Ideal Electrical Enterprise Ltd., under Bangladesh Power Distribution System Improvement, Mymensingh zone project.