Transit to India puts country’s security at risk: Rashtra Sanskar Andolan

Rashtra Sanskar Andolan leaders at a press conference on 26 June, 2024Collected

The leaders of the Rashtra Sanskar Andolan have alleged that the security of the country has been put at risk by providing transit, port and trade facilities to India.

They also alleged that India has been working systematically against the political and democratic development of Bangladesh.

The leaders of the national executive committee of the Rashtra Sanskar Andolan said this in a press conference at their headquarters on Topkhana Road in the capital on Wednesday. Later, their statements were sent to the media in a press release.

“The government has put the security of Bangladesh at risk by providing transit, port and trade facilities to India, spending the money of the people of this country. If transit is to be given, it should be done mutually with all the countries involved in the Trans-Asian Connection. By giving transit to only one specific country, Bangladesh has been placed against other countries. This is a clear violation of Bangladesh’s foreign policy,” said Hasnat Quaiyum, chief coordinator of the Rashtra Sanskar Andolan.

Rashtra Sanskar Andolan’s political coordinator Faridul Haque said, “India wants to block the political and democratic development of Bangladesh in a very planned way. Because, an independent and self-reliant Bangladesh can play an important role in turning South Asia into a People’s Federation Union. But India does not want to let that happen. That is why they have made SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) ineffective.”

The organisational coordinator of Rashtra Sanskar Andolan Imran Emon read out a written statement at the press conference that was moderated by Sohel Shikder, vice president of the organisation.

Imran Emon said, “The way the prime minister cited the example of ‘free travel’ in Europe in her press conference is not applicable to India-Bangladesh at all. There the travelling is between two countries of equal status; one country does not surround another country with barbed wire there. The forces of one country do not cross the barbed wire and shoot the citizens of another country there as well.”

Leaders of various levels of Rashtra Sanskar Andolan were present at the press conference.