This year, the Arabic sermon (Khutba) of the Hajj prayer will be translated into Bangla alongside nine other languages, reports UNB.

In a tweet, Imam of Mecca and Masjid e Nawabi Abdur Rahman Sudais said that this year's Hajj khutba will be translated into 10 languages of the world, reports Arab news.


Apart from Bangla, the other nine languages are English, Malay, Urdu, Persian, French, Mandarin, Turkish, Russian, and Abyssinian.

According to the Hijri calendar, the Hajj khutba is held at Arafat Maidan on 9 Zilhaj every year.

Due to the pandemic, this year the Saudi Arabian government has planned a 'limited' Hajj prayer.


The Saudi authorities said in a statement on 22 June, only about a thousand people, including locals and foreign residents from different countries, will be able to participate in this year's Hajj.

A week before the Hajj, the Saudi ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced that the formalities of prayer would begin on 20 July with the isolation of Hajj participants.