ARTICLE 19 condemns DSA case against RTV journalist Adhora Yeasmein

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International human rights organisation ARTICLE 19 has expressed concerns over the Digital Security Act case filed against Yeasmein Akter (Adhora), staff reporter of private television station RTV, for reporting against Rajarbagh Darbar Shareef pir in the capital and has urged the relevant authorities to take no further action on the case against the journalist and withdraw the case immediately, stated a press release.

Regional director of ARTICLE 19 in South Asia, Faruq Faisel said, “The role of journalists in ensuring transparency and accountability is undeniable. This case is the latest addition to the series of cases against journalists and rights activists misusing the controversial provisions of the Digital Security Act since its inception. Such cases always damage the freedom and objective of journalism.”

Notably, journalist Adhora reported on various allegations including filling harassment cases, harassing innumerous people and occupying land across the country against capital’s Rajarbag Darbar Shahrif Pir Dillur Rahman and his syndicate.

Shakerul Kabir, one of the associates of Pir Dillur Rahman filed the case against the journalist under sections 24, 25 and 29 of the Digital Security Act 2018.

ARTICLE 19 has called upon the concerned authority to immediately withdraw the case filed against journalist Adhora. At the same time, they also urged the government to take effective measures for preventing cases filed against journalists for harassment.

ARTICLE 19 is an international human rights organisation based in the United Kingdom that works in many countries around the world. Founded in 1987, the organisation works to ensure freedom of expression and free thought. The rights body started its operations in South Asia back in 2008.