107 die of dengue in first 9 days of October

Dengue cases are on an alarming rise. Every day new dengue patients are being admitted to hospital. Under pressure of the sheer number of patients, the hospitals are having to accommodate them in the verandahs. 1:30pm, children’s ward, Chittagong Medical College Hospital, 16 July
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Ten more people succumbed to dengue in the last 24 hours until 8:00 am on Monday, bringing the death toll to 1,096.

An alarming 107 deaths have been recorded in the first nine days of the current month.

Besides, a total of 2,660 people have been hospitalised with the mosquito-borne viral fever during the period, according to the health directorate (DGHS).

Of the new deaths, six have been reported from Dhaka, while the remaining four are from outside the capital.

A total of 226,224 people have been hospitalised with dengue fever in the current year so far.