It went on to say that often at great personal risk these women exemplify the very best of the journalistic principles of truth, accuracy, independence, fairness, humanity and accountability.

Along with Rozina Islam, other journalists included on this year's CFWIJ #journohero list are Maria Ressa (Philippines), Cerise Castle (United States), Amna Nawaz (United States), Rana Ayub (India). Maria Pono Marenko (Russia), Sevgil Musaievva (Ukraine), Htet Htet Khine (Myanmar), Niloofar Hamedi (Iran), Amberin Zaman (Turkey), Nasim Zehra (Pakistan), Safiye Alagas (Turkey), Solafa Magdy (Egypt), Barkha Dutt (India), Sophia Huang Xueqin (China), Nikole Hannah-Jones (United States), Amber Bracken (Canada), Erica Ifill (Canada), Saba Eitizaz (Canada) and Marie Colvin (United States).   

Meanwhile, the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN), a global hub for investigative journalism, on Wednesday published statements of eight globally prominent women journalists on their social media pages. Rozina Islam has been included on this list too.

"These are especially dangerous times for women reporters to work," said Rozina Islam in her statement, "Women who are in this profession are subjected to all types of harassment. In addition to threats, lawsuits and cyber bullying, women journalists are defamed. I think good journalism practices will help overcome all obstacles."