A widow has brought allegations of rape and sexual harassment against Karpara union parishad (UP) chairman of Gopalganj sadar upazila, SM Habibur Rahman.

The woman claimed the chairman developed an intimate relationship with her making promise of marrying her. She came up with this allegation at a press conference at her residence on Friday around 10:00am.

The victim alleged, "Habibur Rahman came to my home six months ago and said he has fallen love with me since he was a teenager. He still loves me and he wants to love me as long as he is alive."

"He proposed to me to tie the knot after the election and took Tk 1 million from me. Then we had a physical relationship on the night of 31 May. After that, I asked him to marry me, but he refused to do so."

The woman alleged, "The chairman has tarnished my image. That is the reason why I demand him to marry me. Otherwise, I will not have any option except committing suicide."

SM Habibur Rahman refuted the allegations and told Prothom Alo, "The defeated quarter is hatching conspiracy to remove me from the chairman post. I have no financial and physical relationships with the woman. However, the woman worked for me [during the election]."

Earlier on 14 August, the victim lodged a complaint at the woman and children repression prevention tribunal in Gopalganj seeking remedy of the issue. The court ordered the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to probe the allegation.