The authorities have collected the highest amount of toll – Tk 31.6 million – from vehicles crossing the Padma Bridge on Friday. A total of 26,398 vehicles crossed the bridge on the day.

Meanwhile, toll collection began on the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman expressways at the two ends of the Padma Bridge on Friday. An amount of Tk 6.9 million was collected from 41,714 vehicles on the first day of toll collection on the highways.

Some 13,801 vehicles crossed the Padma Bridge on Friday and paid Tk 16.5 million in total as toll at the Mawa end. On the flip side, 12,597 vehicles crossed the bridge and paid Tk 15.1 million as toll at the Zajira end.

Earlier on 26 June when it was opened to traffic for the first time, the second highest toll – Tk 27.5 million – was collected from 61,000 vehicles at the Padma Bridge. However, 75 per cent of the vehicles were motorcycles on the first day.

The authorities banned motorcycles on the Padma Bridge on 27 June, which had an adverse impact on toll collection. But the number of vehicles has increased in recent days.

However, the Bridges Authority estimated the toll collected on the first day at Tk 20.9 million from 51,316 vehicles.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the bridge on 25 June and it was opened to the public on the next day.