Sultana JesminCollected

Police have received the autopsy report of Naogaon’s land office assistant Sultana Jesmin (40) who died in RAB custody. Forensic department of Rajshahi Medical College handed over the autopsy report to police on Sunday afternoon.  

The report stated the injury mark found in her body isn’t sufficient to cause death. The reason of death has been mentioned as the bursting of weak blood vessels.

After Jesmin’s death, a medical board of three members conducted the autopsy at Rajshahi Medical College morgue on 25 March. The board was headed by Kafil Uddin, head of the forensic department at Rajshahi Medical College.

Kafil Uddin said Sultana Jesmin had died from shock. The shock was triggered by brain hemorrhage. And the hemorrhage was caused from bursting of two weak spots in the blood vessels of brain.

This could occur from mental stress. This stress could’ve been caused by high blood pressure. This could happen from many other reasons, he continued.

Kafil Uddin added further, “We have found two injury marks n Sultana Jesmin’s body. None of those two were sufficient to cause death. There was an injury on the elbow with blood clot from pushing in saline.”

“There was another injury mark on the side of the forehead; the injury was so small that it had cut into only a single skin layer out of three. This injury didn’t cause the death,” he continued.

Investigating officer of the case Subas Chandra Barman confirmed that they received the autopsy report. However, he advised to contact the spokesperson of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police to know the information of the report.

Spokesperson Rafiqul Alam told Prothom Alo on Monday afternoon that he was not given any document. A few lines of information were given to him to talk about but he didn’t receive that till then.

However, according to the post-mortem report, physicians have concluded that Sultana Jasmine died due to abnormal bleeding caused by bursting of a blood vessel inside the head. The head injuries mentioned in the inquest report are not sufficient to cause death.

A team from Jaipurhat camp of RAB-5 arrested Jesmine on 22 March. Based on a verbal complaint from Md Enamul Haque, director of local government division in Rajshahi, RAB conducted the drive taking him along with them.

Enamul Haque alleged Jesmin and a person named Al-Amin hacked his (Enamul's) Facebook ID and was luring people with job offers. They were earning money by cheating in this way.

Meanwhile, Jesmin died while undergoing treatment on 24 March, two days after her arrest. A case was filed by joint secretary Enamul Haque under the Digital Security Act with Rajpara police station in Rajshahi on 23 March.

Jesmin and his alleged accomplice Al-Amin were charged in the case. RAB arrested Al-Amin from Dhaka on 26 March. He is a mobile banking agent.