The upazila administration said former parliamentarian Golam Mowla leased a portion of land at Ulania Bazar area from upazila administration for business purpose for a year. But he later built two-story building there.

The district administration issued notices thrice– 2013, 2018 and 2022 – to remove the infrastructure from the place. But the ex-parliamentarian didn’t pay heed to the notices.

Galachipa upazila nirbahi officer Ashish Kumar told Prothom Alo that many people, including Golam Mowla, constructed buildings at Ulania Bazar area on government property. Five per cent of the government land at this bazar has been occupied by the lawmakerm, Golam Mowla. Not only he but also at least 15 people are occupying around 30 per cent of the government land.

Regarding the matter, Golam Mowla told Prothom Alo that that five per cent land is his ancestral land. They have been living in this place since 1960. He filed a writ with the High Court over the issue.

The former lawmaker claimed he didn’t know why his house was evicted. He will go to the court over the issue.

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