Rickshaw puller killed in shooting by Jubo League leader

A rickshaw puller, Mamun Hossain, 26, was killed and two others injured in a shoot-out at Ishwardi upazila of Pabna.

The incident took place at 9:00pm on Wednesday at West Tengri Koroitala area of Ishwardi municipality sadar.

Witnesses said the casualties took place in the firing by local Jubo League leader Anwar Hossain.

The slain rickshaw puller, son of Manik Hossain, is a resident of Piyarakhali at Ishwardi municipality. The two other bullet injured are Rocky Hossain, 26 and Suman Hossain, 28.

The accused Anwar Hossain is the president of Ward No 1 unit Jubo League of Ishwardi municipality and the brother of municipal councilor Kamal Uddin.

The two other accused are ward No 1 unit Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) leader Hridoy and activist Ibrahim Hossain.      

According to the locals and eyewitnesses, several youths were chasing down a three-wheeler (locally known as Nosiman) around 9:00 pm on Wednesday. At that time, a Laguna (human hauler) rammed the Nosiman from behind. As a result, the front glass of Laguna was damaged.

Then the driver of Laguna snatched the key of Nosiman from its driver and demanded compensation for the damage, resulting in a scuffle between them. 

At a stage, the driver of Nosiman left the scene. 

After a while, a group of youths appeared there and asked the bystanders, supporting Leguna's driver, why the driver of Nosiman was driven away -- a question that triggered a clash between two groups. 

When people approached to appease both groups, then the Jubo League leader Anwar Hossain took out a pistol from his waist and fired, leaving three injured on the spot: rickshaw puller Mamun Hossain, Rocky Hossain and Suman Hossain.      

Three were taken to Ishwardi upazila health complex where the on-duty physician declared Mamun dead. Later, Rocky and Sumon were sent to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH) for better treatment.

In connection with the incident, police have allegedly picked up the councilor Kamal Uddin, the brother of Anwar Hossain, from his residence.

Jamal Uddin, another brother of Kamal, made the allegation on Thursday.

However, police have yet to admit the claim.       

Ishwardi police station officer-in-charge Orbinda Sarkar said the body of the deceased has been sent for autopsy. However, no case has been filed yet in this incident. All accused are on the run. The drives are underway to detain them.