Photo shows a toll plaza of the Padma Bridge in Nawdoba area.
Prothom Alo

The government has collected about Tk 110 million (Tk 11 crore) in toll from Padma Bridge in the past three days as more than 74,000 vehicles crossed the bridge.

As many as 74,222 vehicles crossed the Padma Bridge from 12:00am on Thursday, 7 July to 11:59am on Saturday, 9 July, and about Tk 110 million was collected as toll during this period, Bangladesh Bridge Authority said on Sunday.

Thursday saw 22,703 vehicles crossing the bridge and Tk 31.65 million being collected as toll while Friday witnessed 31,723 vehicles crossing it and a record toll of Tk 41.94 million as toll. This is the first-time toll collection in the Padma Bridge surpass Tk 40 million in a single day.

Some 19,796 vehicles crossed the bridge and Tk 27.39 million was collected as toll on Saturday.

During this stipulated time, 44,575 vehicles crossed the Padma Bridge via Mawa end and paid Tk 58.82 million in toll while 29,647 vehicles crossed the bridge via Zajira end and paid Tk 42.73 million in toll.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the Padma Bridge on 25 June with the bridge opening for traffic in the following day.

On 26 June, some 51,316 vehicles crossed the bridge and Tk 20.94 million was collected as toll.

On the second day of opening the bridge, the government banned the movement of motorcycle on it until further notice, dropping the number of vehicles by one-fourth and toll collection by about 7.5 million a day.

According to the feasibility study on Padma Bridge, about 24,000 vehicles are likely to cross the bridge a day.