Recalling the horrible memories of the 21 August grenade attack, she said severely injured Ivy Rahman was taken to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Dhaka where she was declared dead on 24 August.

"Actually, we don’t know the exact date when she died. Today is her death anniversary, we pay our tributes to her," Hasina said.

In the 21 August grenade attack, 22 AL leaders and activists were killed and four of them were from Mahila AL. There were two unidentified bodies.

"Maybe those were the bodies of attackers, we don’t know anything about them, no one came to claim their bodies, but we lost our 22 leaders and activists, while 600-700 were injured," she said.

Hasina said many injured people, who recovered after taking immediate treatment, later died due to the grenade splinters that remained in their bodies.

"Many people are alive carrying splinters in their bodies."

She prayed for salvation of the departed souls and expressed sympathy to their bereaved families.

The grenade attack was carried out on an anti-terrorism rally of Awami League on Bangabandhu Avenue in the capital on 21 August, 2004 during the BNP-Jamaat government.

Twenty-four people, including then president of Mohila Awami League and late president Zillur Rahman’s wife Ivy Rahman, were killed and over 600 others suffered splinter injuries in the grisly attack and many of them became crippled for life.

Sheikh Hasina, the then opposition leader, narrowly escaped the attack but sustained hearing impairment due to the impact of the repeated grenade blasts near the truck-dais of a public rally.

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