She said when the World Bank stopped the funding to the Padma Bridge due to instigation from Dr Muhammad Yunus and his friend Hillary Clinton, her government announced that it would construct the bridge with own funding.

“At that time, many people thought that we would not be able to make it. But we’ve done it,” said PM Hasina.

She asked the security forces particularly the law enforcement agencies to be careful and ensure security to import structures of the country ahead of the opening of the country’s largest multipurpose road-rail bridge.

She said the fire incidents have already been seen on train, launch and ferry in recent times.

Suspecting foul play in the recent fire at BM Container Depot she wondered how the blaze could occur in several sites and not at a single place.

Noting that she saw a video footage of the train fire on Saturday, she said the fire started from the wheel. “How could it be possible? So, all these things are mysterious,” she said.

“So, I would like to ask all to remain alert, pay attention to our important establishments and ensure security to these,” said the PM.

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