Who will be responsible if reshuffle in admin leads to chaos? asks EC Alamgir

Election commissioner Md AlamgirFile photo

Election commissioner Md Alamgir has said there is a possibility of disorder if steps are taken to reshuffle the field administration ahead of the election slated to be held on 7 January.

"Who will shoulder the liability if a disorder is created? Who will provide the expenses if the officials are transfered?" he asked.

Md Alamgir made these remarks while answering queries from newsmen at his office at the Nirbachan Bhaban on Wednesday afternoon.

He also said the election commission will not take any step to carry out changes in the field administration without any rational reason.

The commissioner, however, said an official will be transferred when it is proved that the official is not neutral in his behaviour.

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When asked about opposition parties' allegation that the government has arranged the administration as per its choice, EC Alamgir said, "I have been hearing this allegation since 1970. At the time, I was a student in primary school and would understand very well. I found these allegations by reading Bangla daily Ittefaq. Later such allegations were made in every election in Bangladesh. These allegations will continue."

Earlier, the election commission (EC) said they would not take any steps to reshuffle the police and the administration before the national election.

That means, the appointments the government made in the field administration to remain the same before the election.

Meanwhile, the major opposition parties have been alleging that the election will not be free and fair under the current election commission.

During the elections under the caretaker governments, the election commission reshuffled the administration and the police to make a level playing field for holding a free and fair election.