'SPs will lose jobs, DCs will be transferred if this govt not in power'

Narayanganj city co-publicity secretary Ifthekhar Alam alias Khokon

Narayanganj city assistant publicity secretary Ifthekhar Alam alias Khokon has said superintendents of police (SPs) will lose their jobs and deputy commissioners (DCs) will be transferred if this government does not stay in power.

The Awami League leader thinks DCs and SPs loyal to the party are aware of this.

Ifthekhar made this comment in an interview published in an online portal of Narayanganj on 12 September. The video of his interview has gone viral on Facebook, triggering various discussions among the people.

Ifthekhar is a follower of Shamim Osman, a member of parliament from Narayanganj-4 constituency (Fatullah-Siddhirganj).

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Ifthekhar Alam is a councilor to Ward No-10 of Narayanganj City Corporation. He is also joint convenor of city Krishak League.

"The SP loyal to the party knows he will lose his job if this government does not stay in power. DC also knows he will be transferred if this government is not in power," councilor Ifthekhar was heard saying in the interview.

On 11 September, Narayanganj City Corporation mayor Selina Hayat Ivy announced a budget of Tk 6.95 billion for the financial year of 2023-24.

During the announcement of the budget, she alleged the DC and SP don't pay heed to her instructions. They carry out the instructions of two MPs, Ivy added.

Pointing to the allegations of mayor Ivy, Ifthekhar Alam said, "She (Ivy) repeatedly says police don't cooperate with her. Why they will cooperate with her, she hasn't done anything visible in Narayanganj town for Sheikh Hasina. How will she? If she had good relations with 35 councilors, we wouldn't do politics with Shamim Osman, we would do politics with her. As I said through this video, if Shamim Osman hears this, he will drive me out."

Drawing attention of mayor Ivy, Iftekhar Alam said, "Today Shamim Osman is calling for a big rally. Threatening BNP, he said he will join a rally with a huge number of people. If the BNP comes to power, they will drive him out. They (BNP) will not drive her (Ivy) out."

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In response to another question, Iftekhar Alam said, "Why will Shamim Osman not be able to stay in the country if other Awami League leaders can? Who will flee the country and go into hiding?"

Speaking to Prothom Alo over phone, councilor Iftekhar Alam said his full statement hadn't been carried. The online portal will run his full statement today, Tuesday. After that he will give his reaction.