Kazi Habibul Awal
File photo

Chief election commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal has the government would help the election commission during national elections.

The EC would exert its influence on the government and the election would be questionable if the government fails to cooperate with the EC.

The CEC made this remarks while speaking at the EC’s dialogue with Bangladesh Muslim League on Monday.

The commission is holding series of dialogues with political parties ahead of the 12th parliamentary election at the Nirbachan Bhaban in city.

“There would be a government during the election. Whatever the government is, there would be one. The government would cooperate with us. We would be able to exert our influence on that government. We would demand some cooperation from them. We believe, they would not ‘refuse’, as the election would be questionable if they did so,” Kazi Habibul Awal said.

He said the EC would seek government’s cooperation within the purview of the law.

He said although the EC has the command of power during the election, the main power lies with police, BGB and others.

“We have to create a situation so that the powers respond as we command. It is crucial for sake of the election,” he added.

He said conducting an election is tough but the challenge must be taken.

The CEC said EC’s does not have unbridled power, so it needs cooperation from all stakeholders.

The problems that exist can be resolved through political consensus, he added.

The EC has invited 39 registered parties to the dialogue. The dialogue would end on 31 July with the participation of Awami League.