PM’s statement on sanctions warning to others: Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen addresses a press conference at the foreign ministry on 22 May, 2023Prothom Alo

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s statement on the sanctions is a warning to others, thinks Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen.

“Politicians say many things that carry a warning to many. I cannot say how you would explain that literally. But there are many issues at times that warn you,” said the foreign minister at press conference on Monday morning.

AK Abdul Momen answered to several questions on the prime minister's upcoming visit to Qatar.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will leave Dhaka this afternoon on a three-day official visit to attend the Qatar Economic Forum (QEF) 2023 to be held on 23-25 May.

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Earlier, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at a programme on 13 May said, “We have taken a decision. Now there is a tendency to impose sanctions, sanctions on those by whom we contain terrorism. I’ve said that I will not buy anything from those who will give sanctions.”

The foreign minister in the media conference was asked about the context of the prime minister’s statement regarding not buying anything from the countries that would impose sanctions. To this the minister said, “We are not a country that can be ignored. We are no longer a poverty-stricken country and do not rely on grants. As a nation we have dignity; we are proud of our state. We are a victorious nation even in different adverse situations. We will not cower if someone frowns at us. This is a hint that Bangladesh is a nation of victorious people.”

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“We will not cower in the face of any kind of temptation or adversity. We shall move ahead facing challenges and we have the power to face challenges. This is what has been said,” added the foreign minister.

Abdul Momen also said, “Surely we will find a way to resolve any problem that may arise. I think this is the message that was was given.”

“Instead of cowering, we will face problems as challenges and move ahead. We have many problems. We were extremely poor, we got over the situation; we were a ‘bottomless basket, we got over that too. We have an indomitable spirit. This is what has been reflected in the prime minister’s speech,” said the foreign minister.