Major Hafiz is speasking at a press conference at Banani on Wednesday.

BNP vice chairman major (Retd) Hafizuddin Ahmed has said a fair election cannot be held under a party in power.

He requested the prime minister and BNP to find out a way for a fair election.

Major Hafiz made the remarks at a press conference at Banani on Wednesday.

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BNP should join next election thru international mediation: Hafizuddin

Hafizuddin held the press conference amid the discussion that he is forming a new party leaving BNP.

He also said elections like ones held in Brahmanbaria and Lakhsmipur will take place if BNP does not participate in the election.

Hafizuddin said, "I will request the international organisations to mediate for a fair election in Bangladesh. The United Nations assists in holding elections in many countries. BNP can participate in the election through a mediation of the United Nations. We want elections supervised by the UN, otherwise the elections will not be fair."

"I think the government will not be ousted by chanting slogans in the streets," he added.

Major Hafizuddin said the BNP's relation with the international community is very weak. The party should think how to garner international support and contest the election.

Information minister Hasan Mahmud on Monday said the BNP leader Hafizuddin is going to form a new political party. Amid the political crisis, the statement of a minister gave rise to questions in the political arena.

Major Hafiz said the statement of the information minister is not true. He also said, "I am with the BNP and want to retire from politics of this party."

'Election time government'

Major Hafiz said BNP should contest in this election. They should participate elections through a mediation by the US, UK and European Union.

The home ministry and the law ministry should be assigned to neutral persons during the election time. The army should carry out patrol during the election.

'BNP needs reforms'

Drawing attention of BNP acting chairperson Tarique Rahman, major Hafiz said reforms should be carried out in the party as it cannot run this way.

BNP is out of power due to deviation from the ideology of Ziaur Rahman. Councils are not held for eight years and fresh leaders cannot be elected.

Citing his position in BNP, major Hafiz said, "An allegation of breaking party discipline was brought out against me in 2020. I replied in writing. I don't know what happened after issuing show cause notice three years ago."

He also said, "I have been with BNP for 31 years. I am facing misunderstanding and conspiracies. When Khaleda Zia was well, there was no problem."

Major Hafiz said, "I am staying away from politics due to illness."