About BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir's comment that plans are underway to turn Bangladesh into a 'subservient' state, he said the people of the country know it very well which party wants to see Bangladesh as a subservient state.

Those who frequently make complaints to foreigners, who wait at the closed door of foreign embassies with flowers and sweets, who sought interventions of foreigners in the country's internal issues, want to see Bangladesh as a subservient state, he added.

Quader said BNP is tarnishing the country's image to foreigners with their evil acts while AL is continuing its all-out strides to enhance the country's image abroad.

He said BNP spoils the interests of the country and the nation for going to power and they make their evil attempts to turn Bangladesh into a subservient state.

Prime minister and Awami League president Sheikh Hasina is always uncompromising on the question of the country and national interests, he added.

Had she accepted the proposal of selling gas compromising the national interests, AL could have retained power in 2001, he said.

About BNP's mass movement, the AL general secretary said the people now laugh when they hear the call of mass movement by BNP.

BNP called for many movements at different times in the last 13 years, but people didn't respond to their call and even their workers also didn't do that, he said.

Pointing to Mirza Fakhrul, Quader said there is no issue for waging mass movement at this moment, so the people won't respond to BNP's call like in the past.

About BNP's allegation that the government wants to enforce one-party governing system, he ruled out the allegation, saying BNP has representatives in parliament.

"Then how can it be one-party ruling?" he posed a question.

In one hand, BNP don't take part in polls and on the other hand, Mirza Fakhrul didn't join parliament even after being elected, he said.

Quader said the nation didn't forget what BNP did in the guise of multi-party democracy.

BNP's multi-party democracy was multi-party mockery, he said.

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