Taking the pressure on the global economy into consideration following the post-Covid situation and the Russia-Ukraine war, Obaidul Quader, said the proposed budget is completely realistic.

This is a budget of turning around of Bangladesh into an independent country led by visionary leader of Sheikh Hasina, he said adding this is the largest budget in the crisis moment.

The Awami League leader said this huge budget is the symbol of the capacity of Bangladesh economy.

The reserve is falling gradually but the foreign trips of officials are yet to stop. This is also seen when someone is going abroad and returning on the day of his or her retirement. Officials above deputy secretaries are given Tk 3-4 million to purchase care interest-free and Tk 50,000 is given every month for maintenance. Despite this, it is also seen that officials are still using office vehicles. Nothing has been said in the budget in this regard to prevent waste of public money.

In replying to this question, Obaisul Quader asked, "Why this should mentioned in the budget?" He also said the prime minister has meanwhile said the unnecessary foreign trips of officials are halted.

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