Speaking at the inaugural session of Ganosanghati Andolon's conference at the National Press Club, the veteran politician said the unity of people is now imperative to protect the country from "autocracy".

"People are mentally ready for a movement. They'll take to the streets only if we the political parties can build the unity of people. Our people will get back their ownership of the country through a struggle on the streets."

Dr Kamal said the incumbent government has no moral rights to run the country since it "usurped" power. "Let's take a vow for a change (in govt) and forge a unity through discussions."

"Everyone has to take to the streets as soon as we call for a movement. We'll oust them (govt) by forging unity, and restore people's ownership of the country."

Speaking at the programme, Gonoshasthaya Kendra founder Zafrullah Chowdhury said the government has destroyed the country's election system. "No election is held in every union. We've to wake up everywhere to restore the electoral system. We must get rid of this government."

He said there is no alternative to wage a strong street movement to ensure the fall of the AL government. "The movement is the only way for us to bring a change. I believe there'll be a change if the national leaders who're now here can take to the streets together."