Speaking as the main speaker at the event, Mahbubul Alam Hanif said the number of religious bigots is higher than the number of pious people in the country and the education system is the main reason for it.

The Awami League leader said if the nation is not enlightened with education, fanaticism will arise and that is usual and that has been happening.

Historically, politics was the main reason of communal violence everywhere in Bangladesh and India, he said adding religion is still being used politically.

Mahbubul Alam Hanif said practice of folk culture has decreased and it has been replaced by waz mahfil and that is another reason for communal violence.

Social media like Facebook is also another reason and various posts in social media are provoking unrest and clashes in the country, he said adding degradation of honesty and moral values is another major reason for communal violence.

The Awami League leader said, “If a person is enlightened with education, then all superstitions go away”

He said, “Teachers of madrasa force students coming from poor families to implement political agenda. This education system should be updated and curriculum should be changed,” he added

Speakers at waz mahfil give politically motivated and indecent speeches and waz mahfil is being used as a tool to turn people into fanatics instated of making them pious, Mahbubul Alam Hanif added.

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