They alleged that Mukit tried to force a freedom fighter to make a false statement to glorify his father’s contribution to the liberation war. The Awami League leader also allegedly threatened to stop the allowances that the victim gets as a freedom fighter.

The freedom fighters have alleged that the accused Awami League leader’s father actually worked for the local Jamaat leaders and their associates.

They also alleged that the local administration had seized jihadi books from the house of the Awami League leader back in 2013. They even claimed that the activists of Islami Chhatra Shibir always get shelter in his house. They sought intervention from Awami League central leadership in this matter. Meanwhile, Awami League has formed a probe committee to investigate the allegations against Mohibul Hasan Mukit. The committee has interviewed as many as 28 Awami League leaders and freedom fighters. None of them had testified in favour of Mohibul Hasan Mukit. The members of the committee have already submitted the report to the central authority of the party.