Hasan urges journalists to protect society from political crime

Hasan urges journalists to protect society from political crimeBSS

On Sunday, Information and Broadcasting Minister and Awami League (AL) joint general secretary, Hasan Mahmud, called on journalists to play their part in safeguarding society against political crimes and the show-off  of wealth that is tarnishing the country's image, BSS reports.

He expressed concern about the growing trend of rapid wealth accumulation in the country, leading to increased competition. Hasan attributed this to the flaunting of wealth, which, in turn, pollutes society and fosters unhealthy rivalries.

The minister made these remarks while addressing a discussion organised by the Crime Reporters Association of Bangladesh (CRAB) on its 40th founding anniversary at the auditorium of Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU).

Hasan Mahmud also highlighted that people are engaging in social and economic crimes to amass money and unjustly hiking commodity prices to perpetrate money looting, resulting in the degradation of both society and the state. “I would like to urge you (journalists) to write against those corruptions,” he said.

The information minister said the political crimes are also increasing along with social offences. “I don’t know whether such incidents of killing innocent people through arson attacks in the name politics happened anywhere in the world. Is it appropriate to block any road if there are disputes over the formation of committee of any political party? It is never appropriate in any way,” he noted.

He accused BNP activists of launching an attack on one of their senior leaders during his visit to Narsingdi to appear in a case. The attackers also vandalised his vehicle, which he deemed as political crimes.

He urged journalists to report and condemn such incidents, as it contributes to the progress of society, the country, and the state.

Hasan expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the crime reporters, acknowledging that they have faced numerous challenges and repressions but remained steadfast in their work.

The minister assured the journalists that he will continue to stand by them in the future, just as he has done in the past and present.

He emphasised the importance of investigative reports on drug-related issues and militancy, as they aid the government in taking necessary actions.

Furthermore, he encouraged the members of CRAB to maintain their unity and solidarity in the times ahead.

CRAB vice president Mizanur Rahman, general secretary Mamunur Rashid, former presidents Khairuzzaman Kamal, Mizan Malik and Abul Hossain, DRU president Mursalin Nomani and DRU former president Shakhawat Hossain Badsha, among others, took part in the discussion with its president Mirza Mehedi Tomal in the chair.

Later, the information minister cut a cake marking the anniversary of the CRAB.