He said these while speaking as the chief guest of BNP’s mass rally in Faridpur on Saturday.

The rally was held on Abdul Aziz Institution ground in Komarpur, six kilometers away from Faridpur city.

From the rally, Mirza Fakhrul demanded prime minister Sheikh Hasina to resign immediately and form a caretaker government.

The BNP leader said, “The Awami League government has destroyed the country ever since it has ascended to power. The government has destroyed politics and economy of the country. It is destroying our future.”

Fakhrul, who started his speech on 4:28pm, talked for about half an hour.

He said, “We did not want such Bangladesh. We did not want to see our boys becoming peddlers after finishing their studies, earn their livelihood through driving motorcycles and not getting better jobs."

He further said some 42 per cent of the people of the country live under the poverty line.

However, it was said people would get rice at Tk 10 per kg, every household would get job, and fertilizer would be provided for free, nothing such happened, Fakhrul pointed out.

In response to remarks of Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader , Fakhrul said, " Awami League claims it has institutionalised the democracy. I ask you, what is the definition of democracy to you? Does democracy to you mean not to allow others speak?"

Addressing Awami League, the BNP secretary general said, “They think the country is their ancestral property and everybody else of the country is their slaves. But this situation will not prevail as people turn around. People will not return home until an election under the caretaker government takes place."