A statement signed by BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi dissolved the previous central committee of JCD led by Fazlur Rahman and Iqbal Hossain and announced the new leadership on Sunday.

It said the JCD’s central committee exchanged views with the JDC’s guardian and acting BNP chairman Tarique Rahman on 12 April. The central committee then handed over all the authority to Tarique Rahman to form the new committee. He then nominated a new partial committee.

In the new committee, Rashed Iqbal Khan was made senior-vice president, Rakibul Islam Rakib joint general secretary and Abu Afsar Mohammad Yahya was made the organising secretary.

The previous JCD central committee was formed in 2019 with Fazlur Rahman and Iqbal Hossain being elected as president and general secretary respectively. Tenure of this committee ended in September 2020.