In 2014, Rafe Sadnan launched the first-ever cancer-related Bangla website (formerly, which offering cancer awareness-related information to the people.

The site covers everything related to cancer including the type of cancer, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment centers, doctors and medicines. also hosts seminars, symposiums, webinars, media and social campaigns on cancer-related awareness.

During the covid-19 pandemic, the platform delivered food assistance to the people affected with cancer.

Elisabeth Baugh, chair of WOCC, said “as chair, I am delighted to welcome Sadnan Adel to the board of directors. His significant skill and expertise as a communicator and patient advocate will be a huge asset and we are honored that he will be joining us in our mission.”

Regarding this opportunity, Rafe Sadnan Adel, founder chairperson of said “I was not able to save my mother from ovarian cancer and this nomination from the coalition is a great opportunity for me to overcome this feeling of failure.”

“Working together in a coordinated and planned way, I believe the day will come when no women in the world will die from ovarian cancer,” he added.

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